Risk transparency with an optimized data platform

 For over 20 years now, we have been advising our clients in all areas of the complex interdependent framework consisting of regulatory law, risk management and compliance. We provide support with always up-to-date professional excellence, technological foresight and innovative approaches.


Consideration of our clients' entire value chains represents a key pillar of our core competencies in the area of regulatory law. We are thus capable of developing comprehensive approaches, which account for the (legal) consequences of regulatory developments across the enterprise. At the same time, we take into account the impact on existing business models and corporate strategies, as well as the many other business and risk-oriented factors. We develop tailor-made solutions for you based on this and contribute our extensive experience to help you implement these solutions in your organization's architecture. As such, our range of services even extends to upgrading and future-proofing your entire financial and risk architecture.


The second pillar of our core competencies consists of our exceptional professional expertise with regard to all aspects of the complex hierarchy of standards of regulatory requirements stipulated by Basel III/IV, CRD IV/V, CRR/CRR II. The (new) Basel requirements and related technical standards serve to drastically change the existing hierarchy of laws governing banking supervision. Similar developments affect insurance and securities supervision. Our solution concepts serve as a response to the related effects on risk management and accounting. In addition to this, we include consideration of external reporting in compliance with regulatory requirements, the risk-bearing capacity and the methodological complexity resulting from the new valuation standards. Our ongoing goal consists of meeting your challenges with best-practice approaches in a focused, comprehensive and integrated way. We keep in sight the growing demands of regulators as well as the interactions between your regulatory responsibilities and the affected functional areas.